Tekpub: Mastering jQuery

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    Tekpub: Mastering jQuery


    Tekpub: Mastering jQuery
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    Mastering jQuery walks through the basics of using jQuery, the revolutionary javascript framework that makes writing client-side code fun and easy, and then dives into the details of writing AJAX enabled ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms applications. We will also cover popular plugins and extending jQuery in future episodes.

    1 - Getting Started with jQuery

    In this episode we cover the basics of getting started with jQuery. We start with a basic HTML page and show how to include jQuery, how to write your first code, and explain all of the moving pieces and how they work.
    2 - Building a task application in jQuery

    In this episode we start building a new application all in jQuery, again we focus on just the fundamentals of jQuery and working with HTML in NotePad2.
    3 - jQuery and AJAX Pt. 1

    In Episode 3 we being to cover working with jQuery and AJAX. We explain what AJAX is and what the benefits are then jump into using the Load function in a very simple scenario. Then we wire up our task application to a simple ASP.NET MVC application using the jQuery Form plugin. This is just the first part of working with Ajax, in Episode 4 we will cover using Ajax directly (without the jQuery Form Plugin).
    4 - jQuery and Ajax Pt. 2

    In this episode Dave and James dig deeper into working with Ajax and jQuery. They cover making direct calls using the post function as well as using JSON. This episode uses ASP.NET MVC for the server-side code.
    5 - ASP.NET Web Forms with jQuery and AJAX

    In this episode Dave and James convert their task application to web forms and wire up the Ajax calls using both Page Methods and Web Services.
    6 - Introduction to jQuery UI

    In this episode Dave and James walk through getting started with jQuery UI and using the Dialog, Sortable, and Date Picker widgets.
    7 - Working with Firebug

    In this episode Dave and I finally take an in-depth look at using Firebug. We look at all the ways Firebug helps you while working with HTML, CSS, and javascript including working with the console, debugging, and much more.
    8 - Using jQuery Validations

    In this episode Dave and James walk through using jQuery Validations with a complicated user entry form.
    9 - Using Custom Events

    In this episode Dave and James cover using custom events to clean up otherwise overly complex jQuery code.
    10 - Upgrading to jQuery 1.4

    In this episode Dave and James cover upgrading the jTask application to jQuery 1.4 and covering some of the awesome new features with this major release.
    11 - Exploring jQuery 1.4.3

    In this episode Dave and James dig into the jQuery 1.4.3 release and cover some of the new features by updating examples from earlier in the series.


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