Tekpub Mastering Rails 3 (2010) (New Links)

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    Tekpub Mastering Rails 3 (2010) (New Links)
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    In this series Rob Conery shows you Rails 3 and the core concepts involved. The focus of this series is a bit more practical than theoretical - with the goal of showing you not only Rails, but many of the tools to help you get your site up and running quickly and effectively.

    1 - Why You Should Care About Rails 3
    In this episode Rob introduces Rails 3 and discusses why you should care. In addition he sets up a Rails development environment with RVM and Git Flow.
    2 - Rack
    This is the "Introduction to Rack" production, repackaged and added to this series (in other words - if you've watched our Sinatra series, or if you've watched our Rack series - this is the same stuff). Rack is very important to understand if you're going to be working with Rails - this entire episode is devoted to it.
    3 - Controller Fundamentals
    In this episode Rob shows you the basics of the Controller in Rails 3, including the request cycle, passing data to and from a View, and the naming conventions you'll need to know.
    4 - Controller Deep Dive
    In this episode Rob shows you more detail about Controllers - including the Magic 7 actions, Rendering details, Simple Data Storage, Caching, and the how the rendering bits decide what to send down to the client.
    5 - View Concepts
    In this episode Rob shows you the core concepts behind the View in Rails 3 including: Layouts, Partials, DRY, Helpers, script/css tag builders, and the HAML rendering engine.
    6 - Model Concepts
    In this episode Rob demonstrates the main concepts behind working with data in Rails: Migrations, Validations, Associations and basic querying. This is the last of the "conceptual" episodes.
    7 - App Building Iteration 1: Off The Ground
    In this episode Rob moves away from concepts and onto the practical use of Rails 3 in every day development. Rob begins to build out his Time and Billing application, creating custom generators, the beginnings of the model, and authentication with Devise.
    8 - Testing Basics
    In this episode we take a look at the basics of testing in Rails, starting with the things you get right "out of the box" when you create a Rails 3 application. Then we improve on that a bit using Shoulda, Mocha, Autotest, and Growl (the Mac notifier). Finally we wrap things up with RSpec and an RSpec coding session set to Beethoven's 9th.
    9 - Advanced Testing
    In this episode Rob shows you the more high-level testing facilities in Rails 3, including Functional Tests, Integration Tests, how to make sure expected HTML is present in Views, and finally how to test your routes. In addition, Rob shows you Rake - the Ruby task utility that comes in handy for any application.
    10 - App Building Iteration 2: Scaling and Performance
    In this episode Rob shows you how Rails can scale, despite popular myth that "Rails can't scale". Topics covered are defensive coding and tools that keep you from shooting yourself in the foot. Asynchronous tasks and cron jobs, Caching and all the ways it can go wrong, and right, and finally how to improve application responsiveness (aka performance).
    11 - Deployment
    In this episode Rob shows you 3 different ways to deploy your application: pushing with Capistrano to your own Linux server, using Amazon EC2, and finally using Heroku. This is the final episode of the Rails 3 series.




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