TekPub - RavenDB (2012)

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    TekPub - RavenDB (2012)
    English | Duration: 2h 07m | FLV | 852x480 | 25fps 700kbps | MP3 44100Hz 128kbps Stereo | 766MB
    Genre: eLearning

    In this production, Oren Eini walks Rob through the various aspects of RavenDB - from the basics through to advanced Administrative Tasks. Along the way you'll learn how to query with the core Lucene engine, how to index your documents for searches, backups, sharding, replication to SQL Server, and how to plug all of this in to an ASP.NET MVC application.

    This series is In Production which means we are actively recording and producing content for it. Currently we have 10-12 episodes planned.

    1 - Why You Should Care About RavenDB
    We've all heard of NoSQL and Document Stores - so it comes as no surprise that many get rather bored of Yet Another Document Store. In this episode, we try to tackle that issue head on - showing you what RavenDB is, how it works, and why you should care.
    Released on February 09 2012 - 20 minutes

    2 - Understanding Document Names
    In this short episode we explain how documents are named with RavenDB - and why.
    Released on February 09 2012 - 5 minutes

    3 - Indexes
    RavenDB's indexes help you query your document store effectively - but unlike relational systems, RavenDB allows you to build and use an index while it's being created. Indexing effectively is at the core of what RavenDB is all about and if you don't do it, Raven will do it for you...
    Released on February 09 2012 - 18 minutes

    4 - Queries
    Querying a document store is unlike querying a relational system - it's a lot simpler and a lot more fun. In this episode Oren shows Rob how to harness the power of Raven's underlying query engine: Lucene...
    Released on February 09 2012 - 13 minutes

    5 - Using Raven in an Application
    In this episode Oren shows Rob the easiest way to use RavenDB in an ASP.NET MVC 3 application and we take some detours into various architectural approaches that Raven might fit into.
    Released on February 09 2012 - 20 minutes

    6 - Deployment
    Demos are fun to watch and it's easy to get excited about the promise of a tool... and then you try and deploy it. Installation, security issues, configuration - it can be a major PITA to get it setup correctly for production use. In this episode, Oren shows 4 different ways to deploy RavenDB to production... in 12 minutes.
    Released on February 10 2012 - 12 minutes

    7 - Administration: Database Management, Backups, and Tasks
    In this episode Oren shows Rob how to do the basic database administration tasks: datafile management, database management, backups, restores, exports and imports and scheduled tasks. Along the way we meet The Smuggler and watch as Oren forgets to create a database for his MVC app...
    Released on February 14 2012 - 12 minutes

    8 - Profiling
    In this episode Oren shows Rob how to snoop on RavenDB when working with an ASP.NET MVC3 application using its built-in profiler. Then, Oren shows how RavenDB snoops on you with built-in safety measures preventing things like SELECT N+1 and Unbounded result sets.
    Released on February 14 2012 - 12 minutes

    9 - RDBMS Replication
    In this episode Oren shows Rob how to replicate data out to a relational database system like Oracle, MySQL, PostGres or SQL Server using a proof of concept Raven Bundle.
    Released on February 21 2012 - 18 minutes


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