TekPub - TDD Master Class (2011)

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    TekPub - TDD Master Class (2011)
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    In this special Tekpub series, you get to sit into days 1 and 2 of Roy Osherove's TDD Master Class. This series is unlike many that we do in that the audio is a little "less than optimal", but the content more than makes up for it as you get to hear Roy and his students discuss various aspects of Test-driven Development. Developers around the world pay up to $5000 to attend Roy's TDD courses. The basics are covered as well as a deep dive into Patterns and Practices, Mocks and Fakes, as well as what constitues a "Good Test". As a special bonus, Roy walks through his String Calculator Kata - using C# and .NET.

    1 - Intro to TDD 01:55:09
    In this episode Roy walks through the very basics of what TDD is and how it can help you in your every day development. The group dives into various implementation details and even if you're skilled in TDD - it's worth a watch.

    2 - String Calculator Kata 00:29:01
    You might have heard of the String Calculator Kata - or perhaps seen a reference to it on a blog somewhere. In this episode Roy walks his class through what the kata means and why it's important to build a "muscle memory" for writing effective tests.

    3 - Manual Mocks and Fakes 00:50:52
    In this episode Roy shows you how to shield your tests from external dependencies - otherwise known as "mocking" or "faking". When doing TDD it's important that your tests fail in a precise way - Roy shows you how to "fool" your tests so they think they're dealing with a real Logger when they're not!

    4 - Patterns and Practices 01:05:19
    In this episode Roy shows you various patterns and practices that can help you out in your daily TDD practice. In addition to showing you what's "right", Roy also dives into ways things that can go quite wrong - and how to avoid them.

    5 - Readability, Maintainability, and Trust 00:42:24
    In this episode Roy discusses what makes a unit test "good". The conversation moves from basics to advanced rather quickly - and Roy shows you the ways that a poorly-written test can fail you in the future, and how messy test-writing can make TDD a drag. This episode recaps a lot of what was discussed in Episode 1 - "TDD 101" but from a bit of a different perspective.

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