Ten Days Wonder & Décade prodigieuse, La (1971) Dual Eng-Fr

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    Rating: 6.0/10
    Runtime: 105
    Language: Dual audio: English / French
    Country: Italy / France
    Color: Colour
    IMDb Link:

    Anthony Perkins... Charles Van Horn
    Michel Piccoli... Paul Regis
    Marlène Jobert... Helene Van Horn
    Orson Welles... Theo Van Horn
    Guido Alberti... Ludovic
    Ermanno Casanova... One-Eyed Old Man
    Mathilde Ceccarelli... Receptionist
    Eric Frisdal... Charles as a child
    Aline Mantovani... Helene as a Child No.1
    Corinne Koeningswarter... Helene as a Child No.2
    Tsilla Chelton... Theo's Mother
    Giovanni Sciuto... Lefebvre, the Pawnbroker
    Vittorio Sanipoli... Police Officer
    Fabienne Gaugloff... Little Girl on Train

    Description: Here Chabrol inaugurates a new genre, the theological thriller. Charles (Perkins at his most charismatically unstable) wakes from a dream of Creation to find himself with blood on his hands. He turns for help to his erstwhile professor of philosophy (Piccoli), and persuades him back to the Van Horn country estate to use his 'Logic of Science' in sorting out the family mess. The estate is a 1925 dream engineered by Charles' adoptive father Theo Van Horn (Welles), who is worshipped by his child-bride (Jobert), and sculpted as Jupiter by the awed Charles. Chabrol's movies, echoing Fritz Lang's, have long been edging towards a confrontation with the theme of Fate. This is it. Theo Van Horn chooses to play God, creating his own world, dictating the behaviour of those he places in it, taking care to add flaws to his creation to keep it breathing. But God hasn't reckoned with his own capacity for imperfection, for such shining qualities as jealousy, hatred, revenge; so he comes to his own grief, faced with the lonely fact that his creation is a nine-day wonder... Chabrol's movies grow less and less like anyone else's; this is one worth seeing again and again.

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