TF2 Sentry Gun Modeling in 3Ds Max

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    TF2 Sentry Gun Modeling in 3Ds Max
    English | 1280x756 | 5 hours 02 mins | FLV | 1.3GB
    Gender: elearning

    Valve’s ‘Team Fortress 2? is one hell of an awesome game, so we’re excited to launch a brand new tutorial series covering the creation of a high-res Sentry Gun from the beloved video game. In this tutorial authored by Cgtuts+’s own Chris Tate, you will learn how to model, uvmap and texture a high poly version of the level one Sentry Gun, using a combination of blueprints, images and video reference. This tutorial is aimed at intermediate to advanced artists, but any artist, regardless of skill level should easily be able to follow along.


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