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Discussion in 'Archive' started by vismitananda, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. vismitananda

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    I think we should start a thread that consist of Thai movies.

    I know you people out there, has a large collection of Thai movies, ranging from different type of genres.

    So, may I suggest that, you show it to the world what have you collected.

    I am giving my utmost and gratitude "Thank you" to those people who will share their collections.

    + With English subtitles the better, we all know that English dominates the whole worlds' language.

    + DVD Rip will be much more better.

    + HQ is what we are looking for.

    Again Thanks in advance, to those who want to share.

    God Bless us all.

    Sawat Dee Khrap!

  2. vismitananda

    vismitananda Guest

    Since there are no post yet, I may start this a bit.

    Dynamite Warrior 2007 DvDrip Eng

    Muay Thai Chaiya
    Tom Yum Goong AKA The Protector
    Ong-Bak (2003) DVDRiP (Thai) Eng-Subs
    <-- Dead links removed -->
    Ong-Bak 2 (2009)
    <-- Dead links removed -->
    English Subtitle Included
    No Password

    There are still more to come.
    I hope everybody will share their collections. THanks.
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    Feb 29, 2012
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    thanks for the share.
  4. lostangel19

    lostangel19 Guest

    :heyo:Very good posts, thank you very much. My parents will be very happy for these.:heyo:
  5. vismitananda

    vismitananda Guest

    You are both welcome :D

    But credit goes to S999, he'd provided those movies first.

    Thanks to him.
  6. drewnkim

    drewnkim Guest

    thank you so much, we have been looking for the first Ong Bak, but the letters were too short for the search engine,lol. Then hubby told me to type "thai" and wooohooooo, nice collection so far, thank you again.
  7. issabye

    issabye Guest

    keep posing more
    thank u
  8. medoo37

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    Aug 19, 2013
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    thank you so much, :heyo:
  9. outsol

    outsol Guest

    Obrýgado 5 estrelas *****
  10. gajahsalju

    gajahsalju Guest

    thx for the share,.,.,:heyo:
  11. jerrylee

    jerrylee Guest

    Kop Khun Mak Kup!
  12. miramira

    miramira Guest

    thanksssssss but can u upload Bullet Wife n The Beside Detective..please
  13. rajeevmannar

    rajeevmannar Guest

    NICE POST:heyo:
  14. k89

    k89 Guest

    thanks v much cool
  15. magnet

    magnet Guest


    And all these movies have english subs hardcoded in?
  16. vismitananda

    vismitananda Guest

    Sorry for the super late reply guys.

    Here's the movie Sailap jap baan lek (The Beside Detective)


    Jock (Sunny Suwanmethanon) is a young detective who spends most of his time with his friend Jack (Chalermphol Thikampornteerwong), karaoke bar owner Rue-Tai (Panisara Phimpru) and a clever dog named James Bond. His job is to detect unfaithful husbands that commit adultery for their wives.

    Jock lands himself in hot water when he is hired by Sawapha (Jaruphas Patamasiri) to follow her husband, police captain Wasin (Prakasit Bowsuwan), who is having affair with Nampan (Phatrasaya Krueasuwansiri). Nampan, however, is also seeing wealthy Chinese car dealer Sia Adisorn. When Jock finds out that Sia’s wife, Khunying Suwimon (Daraneenuch Photipiti), has hired hot-tempered detective Suthin (Nimit Laksameephong) to blackmail Nampan, he is outraged and decides to help her.

    Sailap jap baan lek (aka The Beside Detective) (2007) (Thai), DVDRip
    English subs included
    Sorry no RS links.

    Thanks to S999.

  17. vismitananda

    vismitananda Guest

    Yes they do have subs (Eng). But in a separate file.
  18. vismitananda

    vismitananda Guest

    I'm still on a process of requesting other Thai films, but feel free to request. Just PM me, and I'll post it right here.
  19. gliptp

    gliptp Guest

  20. Engineer101

    Engineer101 Guest

    thanks for the uploads!

    do you have Eng-subs for Ong-Bak 2 (2009)?

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