That Darn Cat! (1965)

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    Rating: 6.3/10
    Runtime: 116 mins
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Technicolor
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Robert Stevenson
    Hayley Mills ... Patricia 'Patti' Randall
    Dean Jones ... Agent Zeke Kelso (Mr. Kelso)
    Dorothy Provine ... Ingrid Randall
    Roddy McDowall ... Gregory Benson
    Neville Brand ... Dan (Bank-robber)
    Elsa Lanchester ... Kipp MacDougall (Mrs. MacDougall)
    William Demarest ... Wilbur MacDougall (Mr. MacDougall)
    Frank Gorshin ... Iggy (Bank-robber)
    Richard Eastham ... FBI Supervisor, Mr. Newton
    Grayson Hall ... Miss Margaret Miller
    Ed Wynn ... Mr. Hofstedder, the watch jeweler
    Tom Lowell ... Canoe Henderson
    Richard Deacon ... Drive-in Manager
    Iris Adrian ... Mrs. Tabin the Landlady
    Liam Sullivan ... Graham (FBI Agent)

    Description: young woman with an active imagination contacts the FBI when her cat DC (Darn Cat) comes home wearing a wristwatch. She's convinced its the tip-off to crack a bank robbery and kidnapping case that has the authorities baffled. An allergic agent is assigned to "tail" the cat to find the hostage, and laugh (and romance) follows.

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