The Belly Dancer and the Politician (1990)

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    Rating: 4.0/10 13 votes
    Runtime: 97
    Language: Arabic
    Country: Egypt
    Color: Color

    Description: This book is based on a novel by Ehsan Abdel Kodous. An internationally-renowned dancer named Sonia Seleem seeks help from politician Abdel Hameed Rafat in gaining government approval to build an orphanage. He is reluctant to get involved because elections are coming up and he fears the opposition press would insinuate that his assistance was a result of an inappropriate relationship with a dancer. (Julie Elliot (Shira) [email protected] - IMDB)

    The actress who played the role of a famous dancer in this film, Nabila Ebeid, never actually worked as a professional dancer herself. She was an actress who accepted a role portraying a dancer.(imdb), But she's maybe the best non-professional dancer in egyption cinema.

    Rar Password: None
    without subtitle.




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