The Biggest Lose r: Calorie Knockout (2011)

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    The Biggest Lose r: Calorie Knockout (2011)


    The Biggest Loser: Calorie Knockout (2011)
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    Genre: Fitness

    Build your strength, shed pounds and go from beginner to winner in four weeks with the Biggest loser CHALLENGE AT HOME.
    A Solid That program features two Aero / Tone Interval styles Plus the Newest Technique Tabata . Motivated by contestants from the 2011 TV season, you're sure to burn fat and have fun. Each instructor teaches a specific section. Anna Kournikova begins with kickbox intervals - fast-paced cardio alternated with short toning segments. Bob Harper is next. He keeps your body constantly in motion with a fluid blend of varied exercises (from classic aerobics and body sculpting to yoga and isometrics). Dolvett Quince ends the program with Tabata cardio training - 20 seconds of "give it all you've got," followed by 10 seconds of rest (repeated eight times!). It's tough, but do-able ... and very Effective.
    Requires 3 to 5 lb. dumbbells.
    Kick those pounds to the curb with this extreme cardio circuit training combining martial arts, kickboxing and other circuit training sequences for maximum burn. This program Extreme cardio Workout Combines Martial arts, kickboxing and Circuit Training for Maximum-Burn fat:
    * Warm-Up (5 min.): Get Ready for a high-intensity Challenge
    * Circuit # 1 (15 min.): Kickboxing and weight Training
    * Circuit # 2 (15 min.): Cardio and Strength, Power Moves with Yoga
    * Circuit # 3 (15 min.): High-intensity "Tabada" Hand Weights Workout using
    * Cooldown: (5 min.): Reward your body with calming stretches



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