The Boogens (1982)

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    When a long-abandoned Utah silver mine is reopened 100 years after a mysterious massacre, a group of young and amorous miners must face off the enthusiastically vicious monsters lurking beneath their feet. (From the little that is shown of the titular creatures, we can see that they closely resemble a cross between a snapping turtle and a ticked-off length of Jimmy Dean link sausage.) A nicely atmospheric drive-in classic that takes a while to get going, The Boogens boasts some creepy locations, a few good scares, and characters that are an intellectual cut above the usual splatter fodder (although they still have the nasty habit of splitting up and going off alone when investigating a strange sound). Superior schlock.

    IMDB User Rating: 4.6/10


    Fred McCarren...Mark Kinner
    Rebecca Balding...Trish Michaels
    Anne-Marie Martin...Jessica Ford
    Jeff Harlan...Roger Lowrie
    John Crawford...Brian Deering

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