The Burglars & Le Casse (1971) Jean-Paul Belmondo, Omar Sharif

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    Rating: 6.2
    Runtime: 112 mins
    Language: English (dubbed)
    Country: France/Italy
    Color: colour

    Director: Henri Verneuil
    Jean-Paul Belmondo ... Azad
    Omar Sharif ... Abel Zacharia
    Robert Hossein ... Ralph
    Renato Salvatori ... Renzi
    Dyan Cannon ... Lena
    Nicole Calfan ... Helene
    José Luis de Villalonga ... M.Tasco
    Robert Duranton ... Johnny
    Myriam Colombi ... Madame Tasco
    Marc Arian ... Restauranteur
    Steve Eckhardt ... Malloch
    Daniel Vérité ... Playboy

    Description: Azad (Jean-Paul Belmondo), Ralf (Robert Hossein) and 2 other accomplices rob a suitcase of emeralds from a rich Greek citizen, M.Tasco. When Abel Zacharia (Omar Sharif), the Athenian police chief, surprises Azad's car in front of Tasco's house the night of the robbing, he decides to let Azad and his team go, hoping he can retrieve the diamonds for himself.

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    I will grab it even if it's dubbed!!!

    thank you!~!!!!!!!!
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    Hi There

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