The Captive & Captive, La (2000)

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    Rating: 6.0/10
    Runtime: 113
    Language: French (English hardcoded subs)
    Country: France
    Color: Colour
    IMDb Link:

    Stanislas Merhar... Simon
    Sylvie Testud... Ariane
    Olivia Bonamy... Andrée
    Liliane Rovère... Françoise, the maid
    Françoise Bertin... The grandmother
    Aurore Clément... Léa, the actress
    Vanessa Larré... Hélène
    Samuel Tasinaje... Levy
    Jean Borodine... The chauffeur
    Anna Mouglalis... Isabelle
    Bérénice Bejo... Sarah
    Adeline Chaudron... Prostitute
    Sophie Assante... The singing woman
    Christopher Gendreau... Bellboy
    Sébastien Haddouk... Painter

    Description: Chantal Akerman's La Captive is a deceptively simple story following the fascination of a wealthy young man for his apparently innocent and lovely girlfriend. Only loosely drawn from Proust's La Prisonniere, the Proustian elements are often largely submerged. Yet as a study in obsession it is balanced somewhere between Death in Venice and Vertigo. A chase through the streets of--an apparently timeless but actually contemporary--Paris, this is a picture of inexplicable obsession, moved along by fragments of whispered dialogue and a glimpse of bizarre daily ritual.
    With much of the story framed within the odd anti-hero Simon's grandiose apartment (which he appropriately shares with an ailing, rarely glimpsed grandmother), the film cleverly avoids suffocating its viewers by giving odd gasps of breath from the cheeky, light encounters between his girlfriend Ariane and the beautiful Andree--friends, or possibly sometime lovers. As a portrait of a relationship, La Captive will keep its viewers absorbed with its elegant tone and its intriguing and inexplicable story; but it might just as easily frustrate with its unresolved twists and turns.

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    Thanks for this hard to find movie.

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