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    Director Dario Argento (TENEBRE, INFERNO) returns to classic form with his vicious thriller about a serial killer who taunts police with online video poker. But for every round the cops lose, a kidnapped young girl is mutilated live via web cam. Now an Italian detective (Stefania Rocca of THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY) and an Irish forensics expert (Liam Cunningham of DOG SOLDIERS) must race against time to trap a maniac. From computer screens to crime scenes, the games have begun. The stakes are murder. And the hunt is on for the psychopath known only as THE CARD PLAYER. Fiore Argento (DEMONS) co-stars with an intense score by Claudio Simonetti of Goblin (DEEP RED) and grisly special effects by Sergio Stivaletti (OPERA, PHENOMENA) in the international hit that Fangoria hails as "chilling...another violent, stylish thriller from Italy's top horror export!"

    User Rating: 5.0/10 (1,164 votes)

    Stefania Rocca ... Anna Mari
    Liam Cunningham ... John Brennan
    Silvio Muccino ... Remo
    Adalberto Maria Merli ... Police Commissioner
    Claudio Santamaria ... Carlo Sturni
    Fiore Argento ... Lucia Marini

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    thanks for sharing!!!
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    English subtitle please!

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