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    The Century of Warfare (1993)
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    Episode 1 - The Violent Century 1900 - 1992

    - This first program looks at the background to the wars which have convulsed our planet, and technological advances which have transformed warfare. From the Boer War to the Gulf War From Cavalry to the main Battle Tank From Biplane Fighters to the Stealth Bomber From the Battleship to the Trident Submarine

    Episode 2 - The World Goes to War 1900 - 1914

    - This programme describes the world of Monarchies and Empires with which our century opened, and the few swift weeks in which this descended into a conflict which affected every part of the world. * Imperial Rivalries * HMS Dreadnought and the Naval Race * Kaiser, Czar, King and Emperor * Assassination at Sarajevo * The Miracle of the Marne

    Episode 3 - Blood and Mud - Trench Warfare in the West 1914 - 1918
    - The program tells the story of bloody campaigns in northern France, the nature of trench warfare, and the weapons with which the stalemate was finally broken. The Massacre of the Innocents Stalemate at Verdun Carnage on the Somme The Development of the Tank

    Episode 4 - War of the Eagles - The Eastern Front 1914 - 1917

    - This program describes a titanic struggle - the ‘other side’ of WWI. It was a campaign which would eventually descend into the turmoil of the Russian revolution and the collapse of three empires. Disaster at Tannenberg The Russian ‘Steamroller’ The Bolsheviks seize Power Mountain Warfare in Italy

    Episode 5 - Battle Fleets and U-Boats - Naval Warfare 1914 - 1918

    - This program shows how the mighty battlefleets clashed and how naval warfare was revolutionised by the success of new weapons such as the submarine. The Dreadnought Revolution Battlefleets clash at Jutland Scourge of the U-Boat aces Q-Ships and Convoys

    Episode 6 - Aces High - Air Warfare 1914 - 1918

    - This program looks at the types of aircraft which brought about this revolution, the men who flew them, and the tactics they used. Zeppelins over London Von Richthofen and his Flying CircusLong-Range Bombers The Development of the Aircraft Carrier

    Episode 7 - War to End All War? 1918 and the Aftermath

    - Once the German Stormtroops failed to achieve a swift breakthrough, their country collapsed into turmoil, and the world faced the problems of ensuring lasting peace. Stormtroop Tactics Breaking the Hindenburg Line The Campaigns in the Middle East and Africa Civil War in Russia The Treaty of Versailles

    Episode 8 - Enter the Dictators 1920 - 1935

    - This program shows how early optimism was dashed by the economic collapse, and how new and sinister forces arose which would soon engulf the world again. Stalin versus Trotsky Mussolini and the March on Rome The Nazis seize Power Japan overruns Manchuria

    Episode 9 - The War Clouds Gather 1935 - 1939

    - This program looks at the tidal wave of violence and aggression which carried the world into another major conflagration. Mussolini invades Abyssinia Massacre at Nanking The Bombing of Guernica Rise of the Luftwaffe The Rape of Czechoslovakia

    Episode 10 - Blitzkrieg! 1939 - 1940

    - This program shows how the German Panzers and Stukas unleashed a new form of warfare which proved devastating, swiftly overrunning Norway, Denmark, France, and the Low Countries. Cavalry versus Tanks The Maginot Line The Luftwaffe Triumphant Panzers drive to the Channel

    Episode 11 - Britain Stands Alone 1940 - 1941

    - This program tells of the desperate aerial battle in which British pilots dashed Nazi hoped of total victory, and how the long fight back began. Operation Sealion The Battle of Britain Sinking the Bismarck The First Commando Raids

    Episode 12 - Sand and Sea War - War in the Mediterranean 1941 - 1944

    - This program shows how Britain’s desperate struggle to keep open her lifeline to the East developed into direct assault against the soft underbelly of the Axis. Desert Rats versus the Afrika Korps The Mediterranean Convoys Breakthrough at El Alamein The Torch Landings The Race to Rome

    Episode 13 - Hitler Turns East - Eastern Front 1941 - 1943

    - This program shows how, despite startling initial successes, the German war machine was fought to a standstill by the Red Army. How Russia was invaded The Panzer thrusts The Red Army fights back Disaster at Stalingrad

    Episode 14 - The Long Road Back - Eastern Front 1943 - 1945

    - This program describes how the Red Army was able to liberate German-occupied Russia and then grind forward to the gates of Berlin. Kursk, the greatest Tank Battle of the WWII Discovering the secrets of the Concentration Camps Tigers and Panthers versus T-34 Artillery - ‘The God of War’

    Episode 15 - Normandy to the Rhine - Western Front 1942 - 1945

    - This program shows how D-Day was planned and executed and how the Allied forces were able to drive German forces back to their last major defence - the River Rhine. Fortress Europe D-Day Breakout from Normandy Paratroops at Arnhem The Battle of the Bulge

    Episode 16 - The End in Europe - Eastern and Western Fronts 1945

    - This program describes the death throes of Hitler’s empire, and the massive task of rebuilding a shattered continent which faced the victors. V-Bomb Blitz on London The Battle for Berlin Liberating the Concentration Camps The Death of Hitler Germany in Defeat

    Episode 17 - Oriental Blitzkrieg - Pacific Theatre 1939 - 1942

    - This program looks at the extraordinary speed which the Japanese humbled the Western powers and the equally extraordinary swiftness which the US recovered and began to fight back. A Day of Infamy at Pearl Harbor The Fall of Singapore Clash of the Carrier Fleets Showdown at Midway The Marines on Guadalcanal

    Episode 18 - Jungle and Ocean - Pacific Theatre 1943 - 1945

    - This program centres on the harrowing and bloody campaigns that led to final victory in the Second World War. The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot Japanese Suicide Missions The Battle for Iwo Jima The Allied Campaigns in Burma The Manhattan Project

    Episode 19 - The War at Sea 1939 - 1945

    - The strategy employed by the opposing Navies as they wrestled for dominance over the seas, and how the aircraft carrier and submarine took over from the battleship as the principal Naval weapon. The Sinking of the Bismarck The Battle of the Philippine Sea The U-Boat Wolf Packs Amphibious Landings

    Episode 20 - The Air War - 1939 - 1945

    - This program charts the desperate race between the warring nations to develop ever faster and more deadly aircraft and the story of the scientists who built them and the heroes who flew them. The Blitzkrieg Campaigns The Bouncing Bomb Operation Pointblank The Grand Slam The Atomic Bomb The London Blitz

    Episode 21 - The Iron Curtain - Cold War 1946 - 1989

    - This program charts the almost suicidal growth of strategic forces and nuclear arsenals in both the East and West, and the challenges these ‘deterrents’ were to pose to the leaders of the world’s superpowers. Judgement at Nuremberg The Berlin Airlift Cuban Missile Crisis The Berlin Wall Star Wars
    Episode 22 - Oriental Communism 1946-1989

    - Mao’s victory led to more than 30 years of struggle, as the last colonial powers were ejected from Asia. The Communists then fought for Korea and Indo-China. Mao Tse-Tung Seizes Power Surrender at Dien Bien Phu North Korean Blitzkrieg The Sacking of General MacArthur Mao’s Cultural Revolution

    Episode 23 - Wars in Peace 1945 - 1989

    - This program looks at the amazing range of flashpoints in a supposedly peaceful world, which have caused such savagery and tragic loss of human life. The Mau Mau De Gaulle and the OAS Operation Grand Slam Retaking the Falklands The Football War Grenada and Panama

    Episode 24 - Vietnam 1955 - 1989

    - The American involvement in the Vietnam War eventually ended in disillusionment and disaster, as well as Vietnam’s subsequent overthrow of Pol Pot’s brutal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. The Tonkin Incident US Bombing of North Vietnam The Tet Offensive Massacre at My Lai The Killing Fields

    Episode 25 - War in the Middle East 1946 - 1989

    - This program describes the course of the conflict between Arab and Jew, the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism, and the long war of attrition between Iran and Iraq. The Saga of the Exodus Suez 1956 PLO Terrorism The Yom Kippur War 1973 Bloody Beirut

    Episode 26 - Gulf War and the Future

    - This program covers the Gulf War and its aftermath and the Balkans. It examines the threats, some new and others old, which make the world an uncertain place… Tomahawks over Baghdad Carnage on the Basra Road The Soviet Monolith Breaks Up Bloodshed in The Balkans Stealth Weaponry

    Bonus Video l The Violent Century

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