The Child I Never Was (2002)

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    Rating: 7.1/10
    Runtime: 83
    Language: German
    Country: Germany
    Color: Color

    Director: Kai S. Pieck
    Tobias Schenke ... Jürgen Bartsch, Older
    Sebastian Urzendowsky ... Jürgen Bartsch, Younger
    Ulrike Bliefert ... Gertrud Bartsch
    Walter Gontermann ... Gerhard Bartsch
    Jürgen Christoph Kamcke ... Father Seidlitz
    Sebastian Rüger ... Young Deacon
    Stephan Szasz ... Young Priest
    Roland Riebeling ... Chaplain Herles

    Description: A grim debut from writer-director Kai S. Pieck tells the story of real-life teenage serial killer Jurgen Bartsch, who murdered and molested four small boys between 1962 and 1966, and after his capture, made statements and wrote letters about his background and his crimes. A butcher's assistant who lived in Germany's Ruhr district, Bartsch was 15 when he kidnapped and strangled his first victim. Pieck's film consists of black-and-white scenes in which the killer (Tobias Schenke), after his capture, talks to the camera about his crimes; and also color flashbacks in which a younger Bartsch (Sebastian Urzendowsky) is seen at home with his parents and, later, tracking down and dispatching his victims. With a disinterested father (Walter Gontermann) and a too-affectionate mother (Ulrike Bliefert), who bathes her adopted son long past puberty, Bartsch's confused sexuality turns to a bitter hatred of all things sexual, resulting in his crimes.

    Rar Password: None
    [B]English Subtitles (Hardcoded)[/B]

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