The Complete English Grammar Series (Worth $399.50) – Video Tutorial + eBooks

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    The Complete English Grammar Series (Worth $399.50) – Video Tutorial + eBooks

    Video Aided Instruction’s English Grammar Series makes the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before – whether you’re new to English or you’ve been speaking it for years!


    The 10 programs in this series are each divided into 3 to 5 short lessons, making them perfect for classroom use or self-study. They’re also ideal for reviewing forgotten grammar or preparing for many verbal standardized tests such as the SAT, TOEFL, GED, and GRE. Plus, they can really help you improve your grades in school or your performance on the job!

    Using easy-to-follow examples and practice exercises from everyday life, this series can help you master even the most complicated English grammar topics!

    5 stars

    Each Video is Accompanied with an eBook Guide. See contents on next page.

    DVD 01: English Grammar: Sentence Structure
    DVD 02: English Grammar: Parts of Speech
    DVD 03: English Grammar: Sentence Complements
    DVD 04: English Grammar: Verbs
    DVD 05: English Grammar: Pronouns
    DVD 06: English Grammar: Agreement
    DVD 07: English Grammar: Modifiers
    DVD 08: English Grammar: Parallel Structure
    DVD 09: English Grammar: Punctuation
    DVD 10: English Grammar: Spelling & Capitalization


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    tnx very nice !

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