The Corpse Grinders (1972) DvdRip

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    IMDB Rating: 2.3/10 (425 votes)

    Sean Kenney... Dr. Howard Glass
    Monika Kelly... Angie Robinson
    Sanford Mitchell... Landau
    J. Byron Foster... Maltby
    Warren Ball... Caleb
    Ann Noble... Cleo
    Vincent Barbi... Monk (as Vince Barbi)
    Harry Lovejoy... Neighbor
    Earl Burnam... Mr. Desisto
    Zena Foster... Mrs. Babcock
    Ray Dannis... Mr. Babcock
    Drucilla Hoy... Tessie
    Charles Fox... Willie (as Charles "Foxy" Fox)
    Stephen Lester... The Mortician
    William Kirschner... B.K., Mortician's Assistant

    The biggest problem I have while watching this movie is that I can't decide what I like the best about it. Is it the cheap, grainy stock it was filmed on? The cardboard box meat grinder? Maybe the hero, Dr Howard Glass, who sneaks drinks between operations? It could even be the mish mash of other fun characters like cemetary caretaker Caleb and his doll obsessed wife Cleo, the crippled factory workers and the evil Landau and Maltby. No, I think it's the scene where the FDA secretary goes home, strips to lingerie and then drinks a can of beer before being killed by her cat.

    The title gives it all away here: a cat food company is grinding corpses into cat food. The cats are developing a taste for human flesh, and start attacking their masters. By this logic, some of us should all be at farms, taking big bites out of pigs and cows. But nevermind that, it's up to Dr Glass and his busty nurse Angie to stop Maltby and Landau before Angie is turned into cat food herself.

    What's not to like about this move? If you love whacked out no-budget horror/exploitation gems, this is for you. Arch Hall Jr (pudgy star of Wild Guitar and more) co-wrote this, and it was directed by Ted V. Mikels-- castle dwelling bigamist and master of 70's sleaze. Campy fun for all.

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    Video: 780kbps DivX 5.0.5 | Audio: 192 kb/s mp3


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