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    COMPLEX has released the new racing video game “The Crew” for Xbox360. It is an upcoming online racing video game set in a large open world environment.
    Description: Take part in a relentless ride to infiltrate and overtake the 510s, a gang grown around Detroit’s illegal street racing scene. Your plan? Get a rep on the underground-racing scene and sabotage their activities city-by-city all across the United States. Maneuver through the bustling streets of New York City and Los Angeles, cruise down sunny Miami Beach or trek through the breathtaking plateaus of Monument Valley. Each locale comes with its own set of surprises and driving challenges to master. On your journey you will encounter other players on the road – all potentially worthy companions to crew up with, or future rivals to compete against. This is driving at its most exciting, varied and open.
    • Jump in and out seamlessly and build your crew of four through bonding or intense rivalry. Whether your objective is to takedown a convoy or to escape the police, achieving it with friends ensures a fresh experience each time you join in
    • The entire United States is your driving playground – all roads and everything in between. Every type of terrain imaginable is yours to master – from downtown city streets to suburbs, hillsides, cornfields, canyons, desert dunes or even race tracks.
    • Continue the experience on iOS, Android tablets, and on the web. Keep track of your friends’ performances and tinker with your ride before playing it live to set new records, or send your crew on jobs on-the-go to gain more XP and parts.
    • An extensive tuning system combining depth and simplicity allows you to collect cosmetic and performance parts and customize your licensed cars, according to your style and driving preferences.
    Genre: Racing
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Developers: Ubisoft Reflections, Ivory Tower
    Region: Free
    Release Name: The.Crew.XBOX360-COMPLEX
    Size: 12.62 GB
    Links: HomepageIGNGamespotNFO
    DVD 1 - TC-DVD1.part1.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD1.part2.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD1.part3.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD1.part4.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD1.part5.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD1.part6.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD1.part7.rar - 147.0 MB

    DVD2 - TC-DVD2.part1.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD2.part2.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD2.part3.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD2.part4.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD2.part5.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD2.part6.rar - 1024.0 MB - TC-DVD2.part7.rar - 483.7 MB

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