The Curse of the Crying Woman (1963)

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    Rating: User Rating:6.7/10 172 votes
    Runtime: 74 min
    Language: Dual audio English and Spanish incuding English subs
    Country: Mexico
    Color: Black and White

    Description: A visually lush, gothic story based loosely on the real legend of La Llorona, the Crying Spirit. Beautifully filmed and dripping with atmosphere, Baledón's Curse of the Crying Woman is considered a true horror classic. A phantom figure attacks a horse-drawn carriage in the woods. As the police investigate the grisly murders, young Amelia (Rosa Arenas) travels to the old mansion of her Aunt Selma (Rita Macedo) close to where the murders took place. Shortly after her arrival Amelia uncovers dark family secrets, including rumors of torture, murder and witchcraft! Each sinister revelation exposes a more diabolical mystery. Whose charred corpse lay buried in the family crypt? Why does Aunt Selma cast no reflection? And finally: What terrors will be unleashed by The Curse of the Crying Woman?

    Based on the Mexican legend of La Llorona, The Curse of the Crying Woman is a stately, breathtaking excursion in bone-chilling fear and cinematic exhilaration. CasaNegra Entertainment is proud to present this classic tale of bedeviled bloodlines, mysterious murders and supernatural evil for the first time ever on DVD in a brand new, restored transfer with completely re-mastered picture and sound.

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  2. Another mexican horror with original audio and subs. Excellent.


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    Thx, spanish horror is cool!!

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