The Domino Principle (1977) DvdRip

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    Stanley Kramer directed this paranoid thriller involving a murderer who is inexplicably released from prison by a mysterious organization.
    Gene Hackman is Roy Tucker, serving time in San Quentin when he's busted out by a secret organization in return for having to assassinate
    an unnamed person. Roy travels from San Francisco to Spain trying to find out why he was released from prison and who he has to kill. His
    only lead is the organization is run by a collection of unknown people, collectively known as "They."

    Source: DVD
    Language: English
    Resolution: 720x480
    FPS: 23.98
    BitRate: 933Kbps
    Codec: DivX 3
    Audio BitRate: 128Kbps
    File Size: 743Mb


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