The Ed Wood Collection - A Salute to Incompetence DVDR 2DISC NTSC

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    Edward D. Wood Jr. (1924-1978) remains one of the best-remembered, most talked-about directors in the history of cinema. He is a certifiable legend (well, he was "certifiable" anyway). This fun and fascinating collection throws a spotlight on the man whose work personifies the phrase "so bad it’s good."
    Here on two diabolical discs are six feature-length films written by and/or directed by and/or starring the unforgettable (or is it unforgivable?) Ed Wood. Plus the original documentary The Ed Wood Story, Including exclusive interviews with such luminaries as Dolores Fuller, Bela Lugosi Jr., Martin Laudau and Johnny Depp, among others.
    GLEN OR GLENDA? (1953, 70 min.)
    [url=]Glen or Glenda (1953) - IMDb[/url]
    The cross-dressing classic that started it all, with Wood as a triple threat -- writer, director, and star, along with future Plan 9 co-stars Bela Lugosi, Dolores Fuller, Lyle Talbot, and Conrad Brooks.
    JAIL BAIT (1954, 70 min.)
    [url=]Jail Bait (1954) - IMDb[/url]
    Ed Wood goes film noir with this cautionary tale of a naive young man who is lured into a life of crime. Dolores Fuller and Lyle Talbot co-star once again, and future Hercules Unchained star Steve Reeves has his first speaking role in this film as a police lieutenant.
    BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1955, 68 min.)
    [url=]Bride of the Monster (1955) - IMDb[/url]
    One of Wood’s, with Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist who kidnaps people and tries to turn them into super-men using atomic power. Tor Johnson and Paul Marco make their Ed Wood debuts as Lobo and Kelton the Cop, dis-respectively.
    THE VIOLENT YEARS (1956, 57 min.)
    [url=]The Violent Years (1956) - IMDb[/url]
    Wood penned the script for this good-girls-gone-bad tale, helmed by veteran western director William Morgan. In something of a switch from Glen or Glenda, the girls dress up as boys in order to commit their crimes! Timothy Farrell of Glen or Glenda and Jail Bait is the only Ed Wood returnee here.
    NIGHT OF THE GHOULS (1959, 69 min.)
    [url=]Night of the Ghouls (1959) - IMDb[/url]
    Wood is back behind the megaphone again as the director and writer of this strange tale that is arguably worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space (if such a thing is possible). Western star Kenne Duncan is Dr. Acula (get it?), a phony spiritualist who conducts fake seances. Tor Johnson and Paul Marco reprise their >>
    perennial roles as Lobo and Kelton the Cop.
    PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959, 78 min.)
    [url=]Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) - IMDb[/url]
    Wood's piece de resistance. The grand-prize winner of so many so-bad-it’s-good lists, this horror/sci-fi curiosity has something to do with evil (and kinda bitchy) aliens who come to earth and resurrect the dead, using these vampire-zombies to help them take over the world. Starring Wood favorites Lyle Talbot, Tor Johnson, Paul Marco, Bela Lugosi, and Tom Mason (Wood’s wife’s chiropractor) as Bela’s double (since Lugosi died before principal photography had commenced).
    BONUS FEATURE: The Ed Wood Story
    An affectionate look at E.W. featuring clips and interviews with those who knew and admired him, including Dolores Fuller, Johnny Depp, and Martin Landau.
    Format: NTSC
    DVD Size: 7.85 + 4.98 GB -- Exact Untouched Copy
    Runtime (main feature): 450 minutes
    Type: Black and White
    Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 | Non-Anamorphic
    Sound (main feature): English DD2.0
    Subtitles: none

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