The end is near...........

Discussion in 'Archive' started by deadlegion, May 24, 2010.

  1. deadlegion

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    It was going to happen sooner or later...............



  2. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    Where is Arnold when you need him?
  3. can any one say skynet ? and i dont know a john connor?:h020:
  4. Jonsan

    Jonsan Guest

    Is the car running ok before over heats if yes I would check hose and clamps and if cannot find it have a pressure check done most garages and auto parts store would do this for you.
  5. sleastre

    sleastre Guest

    it had to happen
  6. Fort Meade, MD looks like a good spot to test a nuclear
  7. sylvantos

    sylvantos Guest

    can we please have something done about the trojans and other malware which is now prevelent on the site fixed please?

    the site is slow, its almost unusable, and people are getting badly infected.
  8. Can members please not Spam post about this issue xanxax and other admin are working tirlessly to resolve this issue more info and the "bad scripts that are making this happen" are blockable read here please

  9. are you talking serious or its a movie.
  10. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    The topic of this thread is's not a movie plot (well, it was a long time ago).
  11. ryfaba789

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    Actually, first would be to check the water level in the radiator. Then the fan belt. Next could be the thermostat. If all these are good, I would expect the water pump.

    What all this has to do with an insignificant story about military, I don't know. Buy an air-cooled Volkswagen.
  12. rainrotoka

    rainrotoka Guest

    Actually Guys! I really don't know about are you talking here. I can't guess it, It is movie or what?
  13. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    US cyber command is real.
  14. aussiem

    aussiem Guest

    Could all this sh*t atm b the beginning of false flag attack? i just spent all day getting rid of this $#%ing sonebot-b worm.

    blog about false flag cyber attack-

  15. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    Thanks for the entertainment in an otherwise depressing topic.

    Infections can be a pain, it's best to spend some time on quality prevention (it doesn't have to cost money, just some time).But no protection is 100% of's just a matter of reducing and managing risk.
  16. mark111

    mark111 Guest

    ? I meant a widespread false flag cyber attack been used to justify internet 2 (a controlled gov run version) orchestrated by US cyber command-established in October.
    -Infections aren't a hassle, just reinstall system disk n active firewall-possible source of the widespread net instability atm is

    -this is aussiem, had to get new Uname cuz account was targeted after reporting fakes :haha:-
  17. midor123456

    midor123456 Guest

    the site is slow

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