NitroFlare The Evil Reddit Magician By Ben Adkins

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    The Evil Reddit Magician By Ben Adkins

    The Evil Reddit Magician is a live master session that will teach you how to leverage Reddit to significantly increase traffic to your products and offers which translates to more sales and profits.
    Reddit is a traffic source that every marketer should be taking advantage of and The Evil Reddit Magician is the most comprehensive Reddit course I've seen.

    The live course breaks down into 5 modules as follows:

    Module 1 - What is Reddit?

    We'll walk buyers through what Reddit is, the history of the site, and the unique userbase that is on Reddit. In this Section we'll prepare everyone for the things to watch out for on Reddit and why this traffic source is a gamechanger for those that master it.

    Module 2 - Reddit Case Studies

    In this part of the training we'll walk through how some businesses have done Reddit wrong and the consequences they faced. We'll also highlight several big winners on Reddit and what they did right. This section is powerful because you can see exactly how companies, big and small, have exploded their bottom line in a short period using the insane traffic from

    Module 3 - Finding Your Ideal Subreddits

    In this part of the training we'll walk through how to isolate the right sections of Reddit to do your marketing and how to make sure you know how to take advantage of each of them for maximum exposure to your product and brand. This section will help our buyers nail down where to spend their time on Reddit so that they have a marketing plan built and ready that feeds their sales every month.

    Module 4 - Reddit Content Marketing Blueprint

    You can't just plaster Reddit with links to your product. This is a great way to destroy your brand and never be able to use Reddit again for marketing. In this section we'll show you exactly how to structure content that Reddit users will love and "upvote" so that you can get maximum positive exposure and make more sales.

    Module 5 - Posting, moderating, and handling the Reddit effect

    Reddit users make up a community that is like no other and if you don't watch it, they will eat you alive. In this module we cover the beginning of an actual marketing campaign and how to ride the wave. We'll show you how each Reddit Post is like a product launch and how to make sure you run it effortlessly and get all the benefits (without all the headaches).

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