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    The Final Destination (2009)

    Ripper: Team TDM
    Video: NTSC
    Release Date: 11/28/2009
    Video Quality: CCe6p~6166 Kbps
    Theater Date: 09/18/2009
    Resolution: 720x480
    DVD RLS Date: 01/22/2010
    Audio: Dolby Digital
    DVD Runtime: 82mins
    Audio Bitrate: ~448 kbps
    Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
    Subtitles: en, ro, po, spa, swe,dan,por
    Language: English
    Menu: Reauthored
    Film Genre: Horror
    IMDb URL: The Final Destination (2009)
    IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 (9,593 votes)
    Source: 1080p Blu-ray VC1 DTS-HD MA

    Directed by David R. Ellis

    After a teen's premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps
    saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those
    who evaded their end

    Bobby Campo ... Nick O'Bannon
    Shantel VanSanten ... Lori Milligan
    Nick Zano ... Hunt Wynorski
    Haley Webb ... Janet Cunningham
    Mykelti Williamson ... George Lanter
    Krista Allen ... Samantha Lane








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    great post
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    Great Post Thankz
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    here is another source for this
    the use of jdownloader and hjsplit is need
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    Links are dead, need 3 more parts, please re up thnx
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    Please re up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! parts: 21, 22, 23 :cray:
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    18 19 and 20 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    if you cant find any dup parts on any file host or the poster does not reupload.
    if all else fails there is always my dlc file..all links at 100% health....
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    DLC file? whats that, awww, still no re up, such a b**ch to re download the whole dvd from another source

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