The Gambling Ghost (1991)

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    Fat Hung (Sammo Hung) is living together with his father. In his views of becoming rich, Fat Hung and his friend Hoi always cheat people out of money to place bets. One day Hoi gets caught by gangsters during one their tricks, and Fat hung needs to raise a million dollars to save his life.Though Hung tries every trick in the book, he fails to gather the sum. When Hung returns home his father an honest man, scold Hung for not living honestly. During a fierce argument between Hung and his father they awake the spirit of Hung's grandpa appears. Grandpa tells them both that he was killed by his partner and is now asking them both to avenge his death.

    Movie: The Gambling Ghost - 1991
    Format: DVDRip - AVI
    Language: Chinese
    Audio: AC3
    Subtitle: English - hard coded


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