The Getaway (1972)

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    IMDB User Rating: 7.5/10

    Dvd English

    Director:Sam Peckinpah

    Genre Action|Crime|Drama|Thriller

    Tagline They're Hot - McQueen/MacGraw

    Plot Doc McCoy has been granted parole. The catch is that Sheriff Beynon expects a small favor from McCoy for his generosity: robbing another bank! Beynon does not really intend to let McCoy walk away after the heist and neither does co-robber Rudy Butler, but stopping Doc proves a trifle difficult.


    Steve McQueen ... Doc McCoy
    Ali MacGraw ... Carol McCoy
    Ben Johnson ... Jack Beynon
    Sally Struthers ... Fran Clinton
    Al Lettieri ... Rudy Butler
    Slim Pickens ... Cowboy
    Richard Bright ... The Thief
    Jack Dodson ... Harold Clinton
    Dub Taylor ... Laughlin
    Bo Hopkins ... Frank Jackson
    Roy Jenson ... Cully
    John Bryson ... The Accountant
    Bill Hart ... Swain
    Tom Runyon ... Hayhoe
    Whitney Jones ... The Soldier




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