NitroFlare The Gnomon Workshop - Creating an Epic Matte Painting Shot

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    The Gnomon Workshop - Create an Epic Matte Painting Shot Advanced Techniques with Igor Staritsin
    Duration 7h 44m MP4​
    In this lecture, Igor Staritsin takes you through the entire process of creating an epic matte shot.

    He starts by painting a few thumbnails while discussing the fundamental principles of successful environment art. Igor then begins painting the compositional sketch while establishing the mood. Maya is then used to create a base model for the architectural pieces and then the process proceeds in Photoshop to create a detailed environment using a broad range of advanced techniques. Finally, Nuke is used to set up camera projections and to establish the final comp. Along the way, Igor covers necessary aspects of what it takes to be a successful matte painter, what should be taken into account when dealing with landscape paintings and what should be avoided to ensure that a painting is enjoyable to the audience. He also shares several technical aspects of a matte-painters' job and demonstrates how to use them in order to be more efficient. This thorough lecture and demonstration, by a leading industry artist, will aid artists of all levels interested in achieving professional results in their work.

    - Introduction
    - Compositional Study
    - Establishing Mood
    - Modeling the Station
    - Creating Background and Middle ground
    - Creating Middle Ground
    - Creating Foreground
    - Creating the Station Part 1
    - Creating the Station Part 2
    - Creating the Station Part 3
    - Creating the Station Part 4
    - Creating the Station Part 5
    - Adding Final Details
    - Creating Waterfalls
    - Camera Projection Part 1
    - Camera Projection Part 2
    - Camera Projection Part 3
    - Camera Projection Part 4
    - Camera Projection Part 5
    - Camera Projection Part 6
    - Camera Projection Part 7
    - Conclusion

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