The Golden Bowl (2000) Nick Nolte

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    Rating: 6.0/10
    Runtime: 130
    Language: English
    Country: USA | France | UK
    Color: Color

    Kate Beckinsale ... Maggie Verver
    James Fox ... Colonel Bob Assingham
    Anjelica Huston ... Fanny Assingham
    Nick Nolte ... Adam Verver
    Jeremy Northam ... Prince Amerigo
    Madeleine Potter ... Lady Castledean
    Uma Thurman ... Charlotte Stant
    Nicholas Day ... Lord Castledean
    Peter Eyre ... A.R. Jarvis, Shopkeeper
    Nickolas Grace ... Lecturer
    Robin Hart ... Mr. Blint
    Daniel Byam Shaw ... Principino at Five Years
    Francesco Giuffrida ... Duke's Younger Son
    Marta Paola Richeldi ... The Duchess
    Rossano Rubicondi ... Duke's Older Son

    Description: Italy, 1903. Impoverished Italian prince Amerigo is to marry American heiress Maggie Verver, a schoolfriend of his mistress Charlotte whom he must now abandon. Charlotte comes to London for the wedding and, unbeknown to Maggie, convinces Amerigo to accompany her to buy a present for his new bride. They find a golden bowl but Amerigo pronounces it flawed and rejects it.

    A few years later, Amerigo and Maggie have a baby boy, and alternate between their house in Italy and the English country home of Maggie's father Adam Verver, a rich industrialist and art collector who plans to open a museum in the US. Verver marries Charlotte. Amerigo and Charlotte resume their affair, to the horror of London society, and provoke guilt in Fanny, a family friend who engineered Amerigo's marriage to Maggie despite knowing about his previous affair with Charlotte. Meanwhile Charlotte is jealous of the bond between her husband and Maggie. Amerigo and Charlotte spend a weekend together in Gloucestershire, arousing Maggie's suspicions. When she coincidentally buys the same golden bowl for her father, she finds out about the affair and confronts Amerigo who swears his love for her. She secretly engineers for her father to take Charlotte away. He agrees and takes her back to the US with his art collection.

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