NitroFlare The Great Courses No.4168 : Consciousness And Its Implications

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    The Great Courses No.4168: Consciousness And Its Implications
    12 lectures | 30 minutes each | Year Released: 2007
    MPEG-3 | 128 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels | English | 332 MB

    It's as essential to human existence as water is to a fish. Every night we surrender it gratefully, only to get it back in the morning. We recognize that we have it, but we can never be sure anyone else does. Consciousness, this unique and perplexing mental state, has been the subject of debate for philosophers and scientists for millennia. And while it is widely agreed within contemporary philosophy that consciousness is a problem whose solutions are likely to determine the fate of any number of other problems, there is no settled position on the ultimate nature of consciousness.

    03.The "Problem" of Consciousness
    04.The Explanatory Gap
    05.Mental Causation
    06.Other Minds
    07.Physicalism Refined
    08.Consciousness and Physics
    09.Qualia and the "Mary" Problem
    10.Do Computers Play Chess?
    11.Autism, Obsession, and Compulsion
    12.Consciousness and the End of Mental Life



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