NitroFlare The Great Courses No.449 : Freedom: The Philosophy Of Liberation

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    The Great Courses No.449: Freedom: The Philosophy Of Liberation
    8 lectures | 46 minutes each | Year Released: 1993
    MPEG-3 | 128 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels | English | 338 MB

    Professor Dennis Dalton explores the meaning of freedom, perhaps the most powerful of the ideas that have inspired mankind throughout the ages. Drawing on his work as a scholar of Gandhi and of Indian political thought, he examines the progress of both personal and political freedom. And though the idea of freedom is, for many people, embodied by the United States, the concept is far older than this country. It is by no means an exclusively American product.

    01.Freedom in the Ancient World
    02.The Advent of Freedom in the Modern World
    03.Hegel's Philosophy of Freedom, God and the State
    04.John Stuart Mill's Philosophy of Freedom
    05.Emma Goldman and the Anarchist Idea of Freedom
    06.Mahatma Gandhi-Personal and Political Freedom
    07.Malcolm X's Quest for Liberation
    08.Martin Luther King, Jr.-Stride Toward Freedom



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