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    Also Known As:
    The Incredible Kung Fu Master || The Kung Fu Master || They Call Me Phat Dragon

    Two brothers begin feuding after each starts his own kung fu school. However, it will be up to a boy--whom each has kicked out of their school for being in both at the same time--to save them from the vengence of the bully's brother.

    What happens when you have two masters teaching one student? Trouble. Tung Wei (18 Fatal Strikes, Enter The Dragon) is a lad who wants to learn kung fu. He trains in two different styles: Hung Gar and Wing Chun. Everything is fine until a jealous master creates a rift between Tung's two teachers, and he has to choose sides. But a bigger problem looms ahead. The Tiger Master, played by Philip Ko (Dragon On Fire, Fearless Dragons), wants to fight both men to the death. They're no match for him, so Tung goes to the one man who can train him properly: Sammo Hung. Get ready for fists, kicks, flips, and laughs; alongside authentic kung fu training...


    Stephen Tung Wai || Sammo Hung (Kam Bo) || Lee Hoi Sang || Phillip Ko Fei || Chung Faat || Wong Hang Sau || Mang Hoi || Dai Sai Aan || Ho Pak Kwong || Fung Ging Man || Lam Ching Ying || Wu Ma || Austin Wai Tin-Chi || Huang Ha || Chan Lung

    Language....: Mandarin
    Subtitles.....: English



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    English Subtitles:
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