The Knack ...and How to Get It (1965)

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    IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

    Director: Richard Lester

    Rita Tushingham ... Nancy Jones
    Ray Brooks ... Tolen
    Michael Crawford ... Colin
    Donal Donnelly ... Tom
    William Dexter ... Dress Shop Owner
    Charles Dyer ... Man in Photo Booth
    Margot Thomas ... Female Teacher
    John Bluthal ... Angry Father
    Helen Lennox ... Girl in Photo Booth
    Wensley Pithey ... Teacher
    Edgar Wreford ... Man in Phone Booth
    Frank Sieman ... Surveyor
    Bruce Lacey ... Surveyor's A

    One of the key films of the 1960's, "The Knack" features the motion picture debuts of three of the most gorgeous and talented women to ever walk the earth: Jacqueline Bissett, Charlotte Rampling and Jane Birkin. Bissett is in the climactic scene, lining up to cheer "Rory McBride" at Albert Hall. Rampling is the water-skier who sensuously (no other way for Charlotte) pours a glass of water down the front of her we suit. And then there's "Birks," first seen borrowing a chair from Michael Crawford to wait her turn in the hall, and then riding off triumphantly with Ray Brooks on his motorcycle. She also ran off triumphantly with the film's composer, John Barry -- the first of her husbands. I saw "The Knack" on stage in the New York production directed by Mike Nichols. it was very entertaining. But Lester's film is truly invention. And David Watkins' black and white cinematography is far more beautiful than almost anything ever done in color.

    File size: 651Mb | Dimensions: 640 X 480
    Video: 974KbpS DivX 5.0 | Audio: 128kb/s mp3
    Black & white | Running time: 82 minutes

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    Thanks. I love British Films

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