The L-Shaped Room (1962)

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    IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

    Director: Bryan Forbes

    Leslie Caron ... Jane Fosset
    Anthony Booth ... Youth in Street
    Avis Bunnage ... Doris
    Patricia Phoenix ... Sonia
    Verity Edmett ... Jane II
    Tom Bell ... Toby
    Cicely Courtneidge ... Mavis
    Harry Locke ... Newsagent
    Ellen Dryden ... Girl in Newsagent's
    Emlyn Williams ... Dr. Weaver
    Jennifer White ... Monica
    Brock Peters ... Johnny
    Gerry Duggan ... Bert
    Joan Ingram ... Woman in Park
    Mark Eden ... Terry


    The characters in the oddly appealing drama are so deliciously flawed and the texture is so utterly British art. Leslie Caron is underrated as a dramatic actor--having made a name for herself in musicals--but she shines in this one. Her performance is reminiscent of the character she played in "The Subterraneans." She is perfect as the tortured free-spirit who stumbles. Another standout is Brock Peters. You feel the closeness of his room when he is lying in bed, talking to Jane through the wall. In fact, the whole boarding house feels real, seedy and full of dashed hopes. You ache for the pain and loneliness each person on the house endures--I felt myself like a resident in this menagerie. The direction is taut, spare and real. I would have liked to have learned more about Toby's background, what drove him to this place. But I suppose a good film is supposed to leave a place for the viewers imagination.

    Summary: A woman faces life in a shabby, suburban bed-sit after being jilted and left pregnant. Sharing her desperation with an assortment of neighbours, they help her to decide whether to have an abortion, in a sensitive study of social morals at the dawning of the Sixties sexual revolution.

    File size: 894Mb | Dimensions: 640 X 480
    Video: 900KbpS DivX 5.0 | Audio: 128kb/s mp3
    Black & white | Runtime: 120 minutes


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