The Last Love Song on This Little Planet (2005)

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    Rating: 4.5/10
    Runtime: 121
    Language: Japanese (English hardsubs)
    Country: Japan
    Color: color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Taikan Suga
    Aki Maeda
    Shunsuko Kabozuka
    Shihorio Kanjiya
    Ryo Kimura
    Masato Ibu
    Takuji Kawakubo

    Description: Quiet, introvert high school girl Chise is in love with Shuji. They both go to the same high school in Hokkaido, but it takes Chise all of her courage to tell Shuji about her feelings for him. The two hit it off and form a strong, loving bond, which only intensifies when Japan is attacked by unidentified invaders. But Chise has a secret, for she is no ordinary girl, she has been transformed in a top secret military experiment. Now she is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, a genetically engineered cyborg built specifically for military use - and each battle seems to take away some of her humanity and her love for Shuji.

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    Rar Password: none
    699 MB, 608 x 352, 98 KBit/s

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