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    Dr. Yuji Kotorida (played by Masaya Kato) is a “Godsend” of plastic surgery. He is well-respected by both the medical community and the media but what no one knows is that he is a vicious and cannibalistic serial killer. In an anonymous blog, Dr. Kotorida describes the act of eating human flesh as the equivalent of making love. When his horrible secret is discovered by an insane detective (played by Hiroki Matsukata), Kotorida devises a plan to make himself famous as well as to escape from the police.

    Rating: 5.7/10 (80 votes)

    Avi K. Garg... Mikiya Yangihara/various (voice)
    Fumina Hara... Saki Minemura
    Masaya Kato... Doctor Yuji Kotorida
    Katsuya Kobayashi... Detective Shimoda
    Zuki Lee... Christy
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