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    Synopsis: Tony Thompson (Jonathan Lipnicki) is a nine-year-old boy who has just moved to Scotland with his family. Tony is having trouble making friends at his new school, and he has strange dreams about vampires every night. One night a bat flies into Tony's room--a bat that then turns into Rudolph, a young vampire boy fleeing from an obsessed vampire hunter. Rudolph explains that the vampires don't want to hurt humans and only drink the blood of cows. Tony and Rudolph become friends, and Tony meets Rudolph's family. But Rookery, the vampire hunter, is chasing the vampires, trying to keep Rudolph's family from finding a missing magic stone that has the power to turn the vampires back into ordinary humans. Starring Richard E. Grant and Alice Krige as the vampire parents, THE LITTLE VAMPIRE is a fun family adventure with a good mix of lighthearted action and clever comedy. The film, based on a series of popular German children's books written by Angela Sommer-Brodenburg, features colorful characters and a herd of flying vampire cows.

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