The Man Who Stole the Sun (1979)

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    Rating: 7.6/10
    Runtime: 145
    Language: Japanese (English softsubs)
    Country: Japan
    Color: color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Kazuhiko Hasegawa
    Kenji Sawada
    Bunta Sugawara
    Kimiki Ikegami
    Yûnosuke Itô
    Hideaki Esumi
    Hiroshi Gojo

    Description: A misfit high-school science teacher decides to build his own atomic bomb. He goes by the terrorist codename "Nine" - a symbolic reference to the eight nations who possess nuclear weapons (America, Soviet Union, England, France, China, India, Israel, South Africa), thus making him potential nuclear threat number nine. He steals isotopes from a nuclear reactor and manages to create two warheads, but at the same time is present at a botched school-bus hijacking and is publicly coronated as a hero. Nevertheless, he uses the bombs to extort the police, first by demanding that baseball games be shown without commercial interruptions and then by having the Rolling Stones play in Japan despite their drug bust. Soon it's a race to see what wins first: the determined cop who's after him, the bomb he's carrying, or a burgeoning case of radiation poisoning...

    1,36 GB, 624 x 336, Video 132 KBit/s, Audio 384 KBit/s

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