The Nanny (1965)

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    Rating: 7.4/10
    Runtime: 91 min
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Black and White
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Seth Holt
    Bette Davis ... Nanny
    Wendy Craig ... Virginia 'Virgie' Fane
    Jill Bennett ... Aunt Pen
    James Villiers ... Bill Fane
    William Dix ... Joey Fane
    Pamela Franklin ... Bobbie Medman
    Jack Watling ... Dr. Medman
    Maurice Denham ... Dr. Beamaster
    Alfred Burke ... Dr. Wills

    Description: Bette Davis is an English nanny whose charge is 10-year-old Joey, just released from a home for disturbed children where he'd spent two years undergoing treatment for drowning his little sister in the bath. Shortly after his arrival home, suspicion arouses again when his mother is poisoned. But Joey continues to insist Nanny is responsible, just as she was with the death of his little sister, with only a neighboring friend believing the young boy.

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