The Object of Beauty (1991)

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    RIP+UP | XviD-1000 | [email protected] | 544x320 | French or English (idx+subs French, English, Italian, German ... etc ... in file) | DVD Cover | 1h38 | 800 Mb :)

    Jake and his girlfriend Tina reside at a ritzy London hotel... which they can't afford. They have in their possession a small statue sculpted by Henry Moore, a gift from Tina's estranged husband. The financially troubled Jake is entertaining thoughts of selling the artwork -- worth $50,000 -- to solve some of his money problems. But a wrench is thrown in the works when a maid enamored with the figure steals it, although she is unaware of its high value. This puts a wedge in Jake and Tina's relationship, as each believes the other has stolen the statue.

    [B]English version[/B]
    [B]Version Francaise[/B]
    [B]No Pass[/B]
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    Thanks for sharing this movie. I've been looking for it.

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