The Other Hell (1980)

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    This slice of Italian nunsploitation stars Franca Stoppi as Mother Vincenzia, the head of a convent of nuns where a number of bizarre murders have occurred. When it becomes obvious that a number of the convent's sisters are deranged and seemingly possessed by the devil, a priest, Father Valerio, tries to intercede before the nuns succeed in carrying out whatever evil mission they seem intent on fulfilling. Directed by Bruno Mattei, one of Italy's most notorious exploitation auteurs, THE OTHER HELL is gory and bizarre, and manages a number of moments of surreal looniness that will certainly endear it to fans of the genre.

    User Rating: 4.5/10 (111 votes)

    Franca Stoppi ... Mother Vincenza
    Carlo De Mejo ... Father Valerio
    Francesca Carmeno ... Elisa
    Susan Forget ... Sister Rosaria
    Franco Garofalo ... Boris (as Frank Garfeeld)
    Paola Montenero ... Sister Assunta
    Sandy Samuel
    Andrea Aureli ... Father Inardo (as Andrew Ray)

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