The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995)

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    IMDB Link:
    IMDB Rating: 5.7/10

    Running time: 97

    Director: Philip Ridley

    Brendan Fraser... Darkly Noon
    Ashley Judd... Callie
    Viggo Mortensen... Clay
    Loren Dean... Jude
    Grace Zabriskie... Roxy
    Lou Myers... Quincy
    Kate Harper... Ma
    Mel Cobb... Pa
    Josse De Pauw... Ringmaster
    Gabriele Binder... Ringmaster's Family (as Gabi Binder)
    Maximilliam Paul... Ringmaster's Family
    Knut Samel... Ringmaster's Family
    Dog... Dunia

    A twisted, haunting fantasy-tale, The Passion of Darkly Noon weaves the fate of strangers together and plunges them headlong into destruction.

    Ridley's slow-burning fable builds to a shocking finale, part apocalyptic religious vision, part intellectual slasher movie. Darkly Noon (Fraser), sole survivor of a Waco-like siege, is given refuge by beautiful forest dweller Callie (Judd), whose lover Clay (Mortensen) later returns for a passionate reunion. Egged on by crazy hermit Roxy (Zabriskie), Darkly cranks himself up into a state of violent delirium. As the vengeful innocent wraps barbed wire around his chest, one recalls the disturbing weirdness of The Reflecting Skin and fears for the future of every one of the participants ...

    File size: 899Mb | Dimensions: 640 x 304
    Video: 1097kbps XviD | Audio: 121kb/s mp3
    Dual audio: Director's commentary 62kb/s




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    Ashley is awesome in this movie. Thanks for the great post! :yahoo:
  3. Agree in 100%.
    THX for sharing it.

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    Thanks for sharing!
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    Why the screncaps show a not soo good quality, is it a straight dvd-rip?

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