The Penguins of Madagascar - Season 1 + Season 2 ongoing

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    The Penguins of Madagascar Animated Series​



    PLOT :

    IMDB :

    SEASON 1 :

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    SEASON 2

    Rapidshare Links :

    Season 2 Episodes will be updated when available..Enjoy...

    05/08/10 - Added Episodes 12 - 16

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    Oooh.. Thanks! Been waiting for Season 2 to come out! Thanks! :)
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    Love the Penguins, thanks :)
  5. whizz

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    Ur welcome friends..I'll update when I get new eps..

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    Thanx dude, been searching for ages in filestube till i find them here:heyo:
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    great post!... keep update please, i love it very much
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    Thankyou so much, please keep adding new ones :)
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    Thanx so much!
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    thank u for this awesome post.
  12. whizz

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    Thanks For Your Replies Evry1..Much Appreciated..

    Added Season 2 Episodes 10 & 11..Enjoy
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    Yay new episodes! Thank you so much dude it's really worth following your thread

    Keep updating :yu:
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    thanks for this great post The Penguins are awesome.
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    Thank U So Much , Really Appreciate Ur Great Effort & Please Keep Updating Whenever There Is New Episodes , Im Counting On U ;-)....
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    Thanks for episodes 10 & 11. Looking forward for more. Thanks again :)
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    Thanx 4 The Post But Y Didn't U Add The New Episodes 12 13 14....Please Add Them As Soon As U Can...THANX ;)
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    yhank you wery much
    waiting for new epizodes for 30 days are they coming
    reply please
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    keep going dude. thx u
  20. whizz

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    Added Season 2 Eps 12 -16..

    Sorry For Late Post Guys..Enjoy The New Episodes..Thanks For All Your Replies..:tsk:

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