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    The Power of the Hexagon
    DVDRips | AVI/DX50, ~27 kb/s | 780x448 | Duration: 01:11:49 | English: PCM, 352 kb/s (1 ch) | + PDF Guide | 239 MB
    Genre: Trading

    Since publishing my book Super Timing in 1999 I have received numerous letters asking for more information on how to use the 1908 method on the Hexagon to produce accurate Price Targets. This book has been written in response to those letters. I believe that my initial tentative work in Super Timing briefly touched on the potential of the 1908 method as an intraday system of trading.

    This latest and final work contains a deeper level of understanding in systemising the Hexagon as a practical trading tool with the emphasis being on intraday trading.

    The reason that the focus is on intraday price targets is because they can be used by day traders and also traders who want to trade at price on time cycle days.

    details my discovery of the Hexagon sequence and its practical application to everyday trading.

    The method is laid out in a step-by- step process that is easy to follow and to implement.

    Also this is the last book of the three. The first being Super Timing the second Profitable Forecasting and now, - The Complete 1908 Intraday Price Target Method.

    Quite a few books have been written about the Square of Nine, I personally have not been able to use the Square of Nine satisfactorily but have achieved excellent results with the Hexagon. It took me several years to unlock the Power of the Hexagon but turning this information into a workable trading strategy took even more time as I formulated a set of repeatable and robust rules.

    These rules are laid out clearly and without ambiguity for you to follow. There is no astrology in the book and it's focused 100% on trading. This is a complete system with entry and exits. Even though the emphasis is on intraday there is a system adaptation suitable for end of day trading. The Euro currency and British Pound system typically uses 10 to 15 pip stops on entry with the profit takes being 100 plus pips. The correct way to use the Hexagon is laid out step-by-step with plenty of clear illustrations. As they say a picture can be worth a thousand words so there are also 90 minutes of training videos showing exactly how the system is traded live. .

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