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    Album info:

    Debut Album* Produced by Mike Hedges* is coming November 18th on RCA Victor Gifted Trio of Ordained
    Clergymen Won't Give Up Their Day Jobs in Catholic Parishes of Ireland

    A vocal trio of three Roman Catholic priests from Ireland is on the brink of creating an international musical
    sensation as The Priests.

    In an April ceremony on the steps of London's historic Westminster Cathedral* the group - comprised of two
    brothers* Father Eugene O' Hagan and Father Martin O' Hagan* and Father David Delargy - was signed by
    Sony BMG (UK). Their Priests' debut album is set for US release on RCA Victor Records on November 18* 2008.

    The Priests commenced recording May 23 in Dublin and will continue in Belfast and The Vatican in Rome.
    Their album will include performances in Latin* Spanish* German* Italian* and English of such enduring classics
    of faith as "Ave Maria*" "Panis Angelicus*" "Abide With Me*" and "O Holy Night." The Priests are working with
    legendary producer Mike Hedges* well known for his work with U2* The Cure* and - in a foreshadowing of his
    current assignment - the Manic Street Preachers. The Priests will be accompanied by the Vatican Choir on the
    recording* arranged and conducted by Pablo Colino the Emeritus Director of Music at St.Peter's Basilica in the
    Vatican* Rome. A major television special is in the works* as well as an international launch event scheduled for
    September at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Northern Ireland.

    The extraordinary combined talents of Father Eugene O' Hagan (48)* his brother* Father Martin O' Hagan (45)*
    and Father David Delargy (44) first were recognized while they attended Queen's University in Belfast and while
    training for the priesthood at the Irish College in Rome. During the latter period* the three singers were invited
    personally by the Papal Master of Ceremonies* Monsignor Magee* to sing for the Pope in the sacred liturgy.

    Upon their return to Ireland* each of the Priests will continue to tend to the spiritual needs of his parishioners
    and to the official duties of his church. The Priests' global recording contract exempts each member from
    undertaking any promotional or recording duties in the event* for instance* of officiating at a wedding or christening
    of a parishioner. Additionally* the trio has stipulated that a percentage of the proceeds from their record sales will
    be donated to a charity of their choice.

    Artist....................: The Priests
    Title......................: The Priests
    Release date........: 18 november 2008
    Genre...................: Vocal
    Quality..................: 180 kbps
    Tracks...................: 14
    Playing time..........: 47:00 Min
    Size......................: 62 MB

    Track List:

    01. Ave Maria
    02. Mit Wurd und Hoheit Angetan
    03. Panis Angelicus
    04. Irish Blessing
    05. Benedictus
    06. Plegaria
    07. Pie Jesu
    08. Hacia Belen
    09. Abide With Me
    10. Ag Criost An Siol
    11. Domine Fili Unigente
    12. O Holy Night
    13. Ecce Sacerdos
    14. Be Still My Soul

    Tracklist and covers included.

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