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    Rating: 9.2/10
    Runtime: 50 minutes (17 episodes)
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Color

    01 Arrival Written by George Markstein and David Tomblin Directed by Don Chaffey
    After handing in his resignation, the Prisoner heads off to his London home to pack for a holiday.
    He begins to feel faint and ends up unconcious. He awakes not in his house but in a strange village. He starts to explore but soon realises that in "The Village" all things such as phone calls, maps and taxis are "only local". He is shown around The village by number Two who explains that the information in his head is pricelessand that he wants to know why he resigned. Welcome to your new home number Six.
    02 The Chimes Of Big Ben Written by Vincent Tilsley Directed by Don Chaffey
    Number Six has a new next door neighbour, nadia. She befriends number Six and tells him that the Village is situated on the Baltic. To cover their plans of escape number Six enters the Village arts and crafts exhibition competition. His entry entitled "Escape" is the inspiration for their plan to get back to London.
    03 A. B. And C. Written by Anthony Skene Directed by Pat Jackson
    The new number Two uses a new wonder drug to tap into number Six's subconcious to try to discover why he resigned. Over a period of three nights he encounters A, B and C in seperate circumstances. Unknown to number Two, number Six has realised what has happened and gets his dreams to prove that he was not selling out.
    04 Free For All Written by Paddy Fitz Directed by Patrick McGoohan
    It's election time in the Village. A new number Two needs to be elected and number Six is persuaded to stand. While attending a meeting of the outgoing council meeting, number Six angers number Two who decide that number Six must undergo "The Test". Number Six sets out his election campaign with many promises to his voters but his aim is to discover who number One is.
    05 The Schizoid Man Written by Terence Feely Directed by Pat Jackson
    Number Six awakes one morning in a different Village apartment and discovers things have changed. He has a new appearance, has become left-handed and has a different taste in foods. He is no longer number Six but now number Twelve. A doppleganger of number Six has been brought to the Village in an attempt to crack him. A bruised fingernail is the only clue that can help the real number Six.
    06 The General Written by Joshua Adam Directed by Peter Graham Scott
    "Speedlearn" is a subliminal process for educating the population of the Village, developed by a Professor with the aid of an unseen "General". However, the Professor realises that his creation has the ability to be abused by number Two and with the help of number Six intends to destroy the General. After their attempt fails number Two takes number Six to meet the General.
    07 Many Happy Returns Witten by Anthony Skene Directed by Joseph Serf
    Number Six awakes to a deserted Village. He realises that he has the perfect opportunity to escape his captors. He builds a raft and sets sail away from the Village. During his voyage he come across some gunrunners who steal his remaining supplies and leave him to drown. He is eventually washed up on the south coast of England. He manages to get back to London to find a "Mrs Butterworth" living in his house. The next day is number Six's birthday and Mrs Butterworth has a surprise planned for him.
    08 Dance Of The Dead Written by Anthony Skene Directed by Don Chaffey
    Number six discovers a dead man washed up on the Village beach. He finds a wallet and a radio set in the dead man's jacket. He hides the body in a cave and later tries the radio. Number Six later returns to the body with a life-belt and sets it afloat with a rescue note, although he is watched by a former collegue, Dutton. Number Two has been using Dutton to obtain information on number Six but soon thinks Dutton is expendable. Number Six receives an invitation to the Village carnival where he meets Peter Pan and Little Bo-Peep.
    09 Checkmate Written by Gerald Kelsey Directed by Don Chaffey
    Number Six takes the postion of Queens's Pawn in a human game of chess. An illegal move by the Rook leads to his withdrawal and he is taken to the Village hospital. Number Two brainwashes the Queen to fall in love with number Six who discovers the locket the Queen wears around her neck is in fact a radio transmitter to track him. The transmitter is useful to number Six and he manages to borrow the locket which he intends to use with the Rook in his latest escape bid.
    10 Hammer Into Anvil Written by Roger Woddis Directed by Pat Jackson
    When a young woman is driven to her death by number Two, number Six swears his revenge. Number Two tells number Six that he is going to hammer him so number Six decides to turn the tables. He plans to make number Two think that he is an agent called D6 and that he reports to a superior X.O.4. Number Six sets out on a campaign to break number Two.
    11 It's Your Funeral Written by Michael Cramoy Directed by Robert Asher
    The Prisoner is tricked into discovering as assassination plot - but who is going to be killed? Number Two knows that number Six is the only man in the Village capable of stopping a murder so he attempts to discredit him. After number Six finds out about the plot he goes to warn number Two who records the warning and doctors the tape. After a new number Two arrives in the Village, number Six realises that the intended target is not who he first thought.
    12 A Change Of Mind Written by Roger Parkes Directed by Joseph Serf
    After becoming involved in a fight with two thugs, number Six is declared "unmutual" by the Village committee and recommend he undergoes "instant social treatment". However, due to number Six's importance he is not administered the treatment, only tricked into thinking he has had it. Number Six later realises this and manages to get the Village doctor on his side. With her help he has plans for number Two.
    13 Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling Written by Vincent Tilsley Directed by Pat Jackson
    Number Six is not himself. The Prisoner's mind is transformed in another man's body by the Village authorities in an attempt to track down a scientist, Professor Seltzman. When he awakes in his London home he has a tough task convincing people of his true identity, so he sets off for Austria to find Professor Seltzman - the only man who can help him.
    14 Living In Harmony Written by David Tomblin Directed by David Tomblin (from a story by David Tomblin and Ian L. Rakoff)
    The Prisoner finds himself a stranger in a western town called "Harmony". He reluctantly takes on the job of the Sheriff in order to release a young saloon woman. As Sheriff he refuses to carry a gun until a killing spree forces him to take one up. After a gun fight with the kid, the Prisoner wants to resign from his post but the Judge refuses to let him.
    15 The Girl Who Was Death Written by Terence Feely Directed by David Tomblin (from an idea by David Tomblin)
    The Prisoner is back in his old job as he tries to track down the murderer of Colonel Hawke-Englishe, who was looking for a crazy scientist called Schnipps. The scientist's daughter Sonia, who calls herself Death, protects her father and sets many deadly traps for number Six. Sonia eventually leads him to her father who has plans to destroy London with his super-rocket.
    16 Once Upon A Time Written by Patrick McGoohan Directed by Patrick McGoohan
    After all previous attempts to break number Six have failed, number Two decides the only way to obtain the information wanted is by using a system known as "degree Absolute". A battle that will leave one of them dead. If number Six wins, he will have survived the ultimate test and meet number One.
    17 Fall Out written by Patrick McGoohan Directed by Patrick McGoohan
    The Prisoner is presented to the President of the Assembly. He watches the trials of number Forty Eight and the resuscitated number Two. It is now his chance to finally meet number One. As chaos breaks out, the Prisoner leaves the Village and heads for London.
    Bonus Episode - The 'Alternate' Chimes Of Big Ben Written by Vincent Tilsley Directed by Don Chaffey
    Theme music by Wilfred Josephs
    An American press preview edition of the episode with different theme music, scenes and opening and closing credits.
    Bonus - The Prisoner Companion A U.S documentary that attempts to answer the many questions posed by The Prisoner.
    Rar Password: None
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    Thank you,
    A legacy of Patrick McGoohan.
    One of the most interesting series of his time.
    Where ever you may be, your fans miss you.
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    Also Thanx for the
    Bonus - The Prisoner Companion A U.S documentary that attempts to answer the many questions posed by The Prisoner.

    This will be a nice collectors addition. :triniti:
  4. A very Big thanks for this one my all time favorite Thanks again :heyo:
  5. does anyone have the 'Danger Man' series, starring Patrick McGoohan?

    filmed in black & white.

    R . I. P Number 6!

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