The Proud Youth (1978)

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    A decent entry in the martial world genre from director Sun Cheung.
    We are introduced to the efforts of the Five Clans to eradicate the "evil" renegade clan. Not much is shown regarding this as the movie centers around the story of the "Proud Youth" who heroically rescues a Taoist nun from a rapist* she then nurses his wounds which angers the Taoist high priestess and the Youth's clan leader* his adopted father. They both refuse to listen to the nun or the youth about the circumstances. There's also a subplot regarding a warrior who is friend to a member of the "evil" clan which angers the leader of the Five Clans. A running theme in this movie is the clash between rigid social mores* pure friendship and moral righteousness. Anyway* it's filled with intrigue and plot twists.
    The film is less stylized then other Sun Cheung films* it seems more like an offering from Yuen Chor who specialized in "martial world" movies. While filled with the requisite fantastic fighting techniques* crazy weapons and wire-fu* the action scenes show Sun Cheung's solid direction and editing. The fight scenes in his movies frequently seem more intense then the other Shaw directors.

    LANGUAGE: Chinese
    SUBTITLE: English (available with nero showtime)
    ca. 92 min
    700 mb

    PASS : malamute

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