The Rains Came (1939)

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    Release Date: 15 September 1939 (USA) l Genre: Adventure | Drama | Romance

    The year is 1938 in British India, and our story takes place in the picturesque city of Ranchipur, presently sweltering under the heat, with locals praying for much needed rains and relief. In this scenario we have an elegant Maharaja, Man Singh Bahadur, and his astute and wise wife, the Maharani of Ranchipur; a perpetual drunk and womanizer, Tom Ransome, who is presently courting an 18 year old runaway from the local Mission by the name of Fern; Lord Albert Esketh, and his wife, Edwina, a former lover of Tom, who are on a visit to Ranchipur, and wish to purchase some of the Maharaja's horses; Then there is Dr. Major Rama Safti, a Hindu who is currently having an affair with Lord Albert's wife, and who is the heir apparent to the throne of Ranchipur. All plans of the citizens of Ranchipur are cut short with heavy incessant rains, followed by earthquakes, flooding, polluted waters, and then - plague. And as well we all know disasters and disease have never discriminated against the Christians or Hindus; the Caucasians or the Asians; nor between the rich and the poor.

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