The Rebel (1961)

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    IMDb Link:[/b]
    IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

    Director: Robert Day

    Tony Hancock ... Anthony Hancock
    George Sanders ... Sir Charles Broward
    Paul Massie ... Paul
    Margit Saad ... Margot
    Grégoire Aslan ... Carreras
    Dennis Price ... Jim Smith
    Irene Handl ... Mrs. Crevatte
    John Le Mesurier ... Office manager
    Liz Fraser ... Waitress
    Mervyn Johns ... Manager of Art Gallery, London
    Peter Bull ... Manager of Art Gallery, Paris
    Nanette Newman ... Josey
    Marie Burke ... Madame Laurent
    Bernard Rebel ... Art Dealer
    Sandor Elès ... Artist

    This one is a long-time favourite for its great one-liners, its wit, its bright colours and the sheer joy of its performances. George Sanders plays the creepy critic with the same finesse he'd done many times before, Hancock as the leader of the Infantile school of painting is so preposterous its hysterical, even a very young Oliver Reed appears briefly in the cafe scene. The writing of Galton and Simpson is as sharp as ever but gets to take more detours and turns than it ever could in the Half-Hours ... a brilliant film. I particularly love the pathetic painting of the foot which crops up at the art exhibition and that hideous sculpture. Excellent.

    Video: 900kbps DivX 4 | Audio: 128kb/s mp3
    640 x 480 | Running time: 101 minutes

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