The Remains of the Day (1993

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    Rating: 7.9/10
    Runtime: 134
    Language: English
    Country: UK | USA
    Color: Color

    Director: James Ivory

    John Haycraft ... Auctioneer
    Christopher Reeve ... Jack Lewis
    Anthony Hopkins ... James Stevens
    Emma Thompson ... Mary Kenton
    Caroline Hunt ... Landlady
    James Fox ... Lord Darlington
    Peter Vaughan ... William Stevens
    Paula Jacobs ... Mrs. Mortimer, the cook
    Ben Chaplin ... Charlie, Head Footman
    Steve Dibben ... George, Second Footman
    Abigail Hopkins ... Housemaid (as Abigail Harrison)
    Patrick Godfrey ... Spencer
    Peter Cellier ... Sir Leonard Bax
    Peter Halliday ... Canon Tufnell
    Hugh Grant ... Reginald Cardinal

    Description: Very deliberate but marvelous study of a lifetime butler in an English noble household. The film does a wonderful parallel examination of the man's life set against the tumult of the 1930s that effectively did away with the British Empire and made him and others like him, as people curiously obsolete. An extremely rare example of sanity when dealing with the subject of War. Most films as we know too well, concentrate on the futility and bottom line cost in humanity, which is to be expected since generally speaking, an artist will always present this point of view. However in most cases, it's an incomplete and wildly immature handling of the topic. This film addresses if you can believe it, the folly of avoiding War thru appeasement, and hammers home what might have been avoided if the British had called Hitler to the carpet early on, instead of playing chess with him. This is the backdrop; the main story is that of the butler, Stevens, an ostensibly simple character played with unimaginable complexity, by Hopkins. The fascinating examination of one man's sense of duty, a devotion that transcends all other obligations and aspirations in his life has never been so poignantly or expertly presented to an audience. Everything about the film, the supporting cast in particular is a rousing triumph.

    Rar Password: None
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    deeply appreciate your posting of this real classic film

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